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The Charles Street Buildings Group grew out of Murphy Bros. Limited, a civil engineering business created by Hughie and Paddy Murphy in 1945. Murphy Bros. was sold to the British Electric Traction Company in 1968 although Hughie and Paddy retained a number of property companies which had been created to build premises for Murphy Bros.

The Group’s parent company is Charles Street Buildings (Leicester) Limited which was incorporated in 1961 and was named after an office block developed by Murphy Bros. at Charles Street, Leicester in 1956. The Group has been based at Melton Road, Thurmaston, Leicester since 25 acres of land was developed for Murphy Bros. in 1954.

The Group is now led by Hugh P Murphy, son of Paddy and nephew of Hughie, and comprises Charles Street Buildings (Leicester) and 9 fully owned subsidiary companies which together own over 6,300,000 sq ft of investment property spread across all sectors and throughout the UK. Over 50% of the Group’s rental income is derived from our base in the East Midlands and while 70% of the Group’s sq ft are in the industrial and warehousing sectors the rents received are evenly spread across Government, office, banking, retail, warehousing and industrial sectors.

The Group has a Dun & Bradstreet rating of 5A1 and funds its investment and development activities from its rents received. The Group is therefore well placed to deliver on its commitments and continue its growth in the future.


  • Hugh P Murphy       Chairman & Chief Executive
  • Margaret Murphy     Director
  • Patrick Murphy         Director
  • Joseph Murphy        Director & Group Solicitor
  • Mary Middleton        Director
  • Freddie Linnett        Director
  • Robert H Smith       Company Secretary
  • James Staples        Project Manager
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